Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Off Road Fun

There are a few options we have with this place, too. Even though we're moving, with the market being so bad, selling this place, as big as it is may be tough. We could sub-divide the property and sell off the back 5 acres for a home site. We really never used the back of the property anyway, and it would still leave us the top part if we wanted to use it for a vacation area, or to have when we retire in a few years. We have thought about it, and may even list both separately and see what happens. One possibility that might make the back half an easy sell, if there is such a thing in real estate, is that our neighbors that have property along that side of the property like to off-road with their ATVs, they may be interested. Having the extra land may be a lot of fun, although they may have to replace their ATV Wheels more often... lots more use, very rugged terrain, and lots of tree stumps to deal with. They're really into that though, and it may be well worth the extra changes.