Thursday, September 01, 2011

Coin Value

In the past two years with my husband cleaning up his mother's house, he's come across a lot (a WHOLE LOT) of old coins. At first, you think wow, that's gotta be worth a lot, and I think when people first start collecting coins they just think "anything old," but the thing is, it is really specific when you really start to investigate what makes a good coin. This is even more important when it comes to custom coins. Some of them are really cool, and maybe the best way to pick them is to choose custom coins that speak to you personally, and not worry about being collector's items. They may become that in the future, but these are the types of coins you buy in order to show them off, and enjoy looking at. Another aspect of custom made coins is getting them created to specifically express your interests or even as marketing gimmicks for your company. They make great conversation pieces that last a long time.

Millionairesses are Hard to Do

Line of the century--"Spoiled millionairess can be almost impossible to please." Really? Who would have thought? Seriously, some of these people are so out in left field, the world they live in isn't even in the same universe as normal people. There have been some on this show that are really cool, and down to earth though. It's nice to see that some of them are real people who are still fun.

Online Dating Successes

After watching "Millionaire Matchmaker" all morning, I began to think about the online dating services and how popular those are becoming. I think for many of the same reasons that people who are successful and have money would still go to a matchmaker to find that special someone, people who otherwise have a lot going for them would still use one of the free online dating services to find true love... time. If you're strenuously busy living your life, it's entirely possible that you'll have a hard time slowing down long enough to notice that special someone around you. Another reason they are probably really popular is that even at they're busiest, modern people are online at least several hours a day, so it's convenient. There's also a lot less pressure than when you're out and facing the people, you can take your time to consider all of the information about them, and make more cautious decisions, and take pressure out of the equation altogether which is a wonderful thing.

Guilty Pleasures

A lot of people say that reality TV is their guilty pleasure. I have to say I've fallen into the trap more than once. I can't help it. I've fought it, feeling that reality TV has taken away a lot of the real writer jobs in television, but it eventually won me over. I started with the guilty pleasures that I could make excuses for... "the Biggest Loser" I need to lose weight, "Flip This House" I have always had an interest in investment real estate... but I can't say that my latest guilty pleasures have anything at all to do with interests or needs. I just like them. My latest one is "Millionaire Matchmaker." I can't help it. I like it.