Friday, March 27, 2009

Inspirational Support from Renew International

Renew International is an interesting organization that operates worldwide and has a large operation in the United States to help improve the spirituality in the Roman Catholic Diocese. Through fund raising and faith materials they support the Catholic communities and give support to the priests by providing a place for them to gather and be ministered to for a change.

As an organization Renew International has a long history. For the past 30 years Renew International has grown to help its parishioners understand the values the Roman Catholic religion has instilled in their lives and the needs it meets for them by giving local diocese materials and support to encounter all questions that come to them.

Howie Does It

I just finished watching "Howie Do It". It's a crazy show. It's sort of like the old "Candid Camera" only it's the person doing the prank that gets 'pranked' not the people they go to. This episode had a guy who had to go to a home to give the people a 10 million dollar prize then finds out he went to the wrong house and had to take it back. That was the best one. They really played it to the hilt before letting the poor guy in on the gag, and even when they did he didn't quite get it for a few minutes. The second scenario was a singing telegram girl dressed in a bunny suit had to go sing a telegram at a funeral. She was good but they didn't drag it out as long as the prize one. Funny show though.

Online Job Listings at United American Insurance

If you're looking for a job in the insurance field United American Insurance has job listings on CareerBuilder. They're located in several states even though their headquarters are in Texas. I think it's so interesting how job hunting is now so connected online. In fact, my son was looking for work lately (too bad he's not suited to insurance work), and just about every place he requested applications for said, "go online and fill out our forms at..." Wow.

United American Insurance has a location in Indiana that wouldn't even be that far from our house. Maybe he should apply there anyway. He can type, and do general office work. I started out working for an insurance company (many, many moons ago) and it was very enjoyable.

If I wasn't so busy in my writing business I'd apply at United American Insurance myself. I don't have any specific insurance education either but doing general office work in an insurance company is like any other office work. I like working from home though. It's my son that needs to get out of the house--now.

Twitter Buggers

I love Twitter, I do. I go play on it every day either for a few minutes or a few hours depending on my own schedule. It's a great marketing tool, and a great social network as well and I've even gained profitable work through people I've met on there. What bugs me is those that use it for that purpose without really understanding how social networking helps improve business relationships and sales.

Outright advertising rarely works on something like Twitter. It's not supposed to be about that. It's supposed to be about developing relationships that spawn further business dealings. The Direct Message (DM) function on there is the most abused. It could be a great thing but as just about any dedicated Twitterer if they even bother with DMs and they'll tell you they hate looking at them. Most of the time they're a Twitter version of spam.

It's a great system, and I know that being such a young idea it will take people time to really learn how to use it. It will also take time to weed out the obnoxious from the genuinely upfront posters who want to use the system but do it the right way.

Shopping For Eyeglasses Online

I need a new pair of glasses so bad it's not even funny. I know I'm just being stubborn about not going to get a pair. I even have insurance that will cover a large part of the cost. I'm so used to shopping online, but that's no excuse because there are great places like to look for frames and have a prescription filled. What I need to do is go get my eyes checked, and then look online to order the glasses. I'd like to get contacts too. It's been years since I wore them and I miss them.

One of my problems is I need a pair of eyeglasses that have flex frames. Working around animals I need durable frames. I'm not extremely picky and don't know if I'd want Gucci Glasses or not but then again, why not? If you're going to wear something so obvious it may as well be stylish.

I like these. They are classy and simple all at the same time. I guess it's time to get off my rear and go have my eyes tested so I can get a new pair of glasses. It's kind of hard to write all day when you have to keep taking your glasses off to see the screen.

Shee Music--Home Studio Perfection

This is an amazing home studio set up. Shee takes us on a virtual tour of all her equipment and her well laid out sound room. I love music and enjoy learning about its creation especially with enterprising artists like this;

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disabling or Exercise?

After going up and down the stairs a billion times to do all the built up laundry that had accumulated when my washer and dryer both decided to bite the big one at the same time a few weeks ago, I'm happy to have my new machines (which are much better) but I think I'm going to need disability insurance because my back is about to go out--for good. Wow those stairs are murder and I'm even in better shape than I used to be with all the working out I've been doing. Not enough obviously. Well, if it doesn't kill me, I guess it will make me stronger and I keep telling myself at least I don't need to spend my money on a stair master.

Burn Notice Ends

for now...

I'm glad this is a strong and lasting series because I just love it. The final episode a week and a half ago was a great ending for the season and it will be back again in the Summer. I love how they came full-circle with the Burn Notice background and now he will begin to move forward with his life. It's a modern day MacGyver with a twist that is exciting. Unlike Mac, Michael in this series has a love interest and things are really heating up with him and Fiona his sizzling hot side-kick. I can't wait to see more.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Work that Works

In the past (another life it seems like) I worked for many franchises and they really are a good way to get into a business. Opening your own business is scary but when you open a franchise you are getting their model, method, and brand recognition so even though you are opening a new business to the consumers it is not a new business. You pretty much have a built in customer base. I suppose it requires a lot of investigation to be sure the franchise you choose has the kind of backing that makes it worthwhile. There's a lot of rigidity working with a franchise but that is the beauty of it too. Even though you can't do things 'your way' the way you have to do them is proven to work.

Fast Flix

I am really enjoying my Netflix online subscription. I wasn't sure if I'd really use it much but I keep them moving through in a pretty fast rotation. I have even made use of their online movies a few times but my laptop doesn't have great speakers so I don't do that too often, plus I can't put the words on (captions for the hearing impaired) like I do on my TV. They are really fast too which I like. I send movies back and they get them the next day, and send out my new selections that same day so I get them the following day.

Out of the Loop?

Up until last August I spent almost all of my day in my office working. I enjoyed it and was happy with my office. I even spent quite a bit of money on all new office furniture and then I bought my laptop... well so much for spending all my time in my office. Now I have a brand new office and all that new furniture and I hardly ever spend any time in there. I did find a really great piece of computer furniture that is mobile and holds my laptop and mouse for me in the living room so I can sit in here all day and work and not be out of the loop in my own family.

Settling Down to Work

I am having such a hard time the last few days getting inspired to work. I have plenty of work to do, which usually makes me happy as a clam and motivates me to work. Maybe I just need a few days off to get feeling good about it again. A little burnout on the how to articles I've been writing so many of. They are fun though and I end up learning a lot a long the way. When I force myself to settle down and do it I feel really good afterwards and think wow that didn't take long. If I'd just get busy instead of stalling I could have been done hours ago... sigh. Maybe I need something for ADD. LOL

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Learning As You Go

One thing I do love about my non-fiction writing is that I get to write about serious subjects that have a big impact on people's lives. I've written articles on Mesothelioma and other diseases. I've written 'how to' articles to help give people instructions on things that vary from building a barn to relieving restless leg syndrome. It's fun and I learn a lot along the way too. For all of the frustrations that can come along with freelancing I think that last part, the learning as I research and write makes it a truly rewarding experience.

Inbound Marketing

Anyone who writes SEO or works with marketing can really identify with this video! I love it. I've seen in a lot and every time it makes me laugh.

The Funny Things You Find

Research can lead you in the strangest directions sometimes. I was looking up colonics yesterday--okay, so I have a strange character. The effects, the effectiveness, etc, and I found a site giving a rundown of diet pills. Maybe I'll design a character to go along with my health conscious male character. It is fun to write so far even though taking care of your body isn't a laughing matter, it can be when some people do it.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Lesson Learned

I've just received a smack down. I have watched "Pirates of the Caribbean--At Land's End" probably 20 times, but never bothered to stick around for the credits. Today it was just playing on the screen while I worked and low and behold there was a clip in the credits with a little 'addition' to the ending that was blow away great. They really should have put it at the end of the movie IMO. The actual ending was good but that little "10 years later" clip MADE it. That will certainly teach me not to ignore the credits from now on though.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Traveling Again?

I am grateful I haven't had to travel as much for my current work as I used to for novels but I miss it a little bit at times. Now with nicer weather on the way in and my hibernation almost over I have been missing going to conferences. I think I will try to attend at least one this year. Maybe combine my current work with it and go to a blogging conference, or a freelancer conference. There are a few that are even in exotic locations but I'd have to update my travel medical insurance since it has been so long since I've been out of the country. However, small price to pay for a nice vacation along with a work trip. If you are only going to do one or two trips may as well make them excellent ones.

Goes Around Comes Around

You never know when something you do for someone will come back to you in a nice way. Someone I gave some info for a paying gig a few years ago just contacted me saying she found a nice company and she'd send me the info for it if I wanted. How nice of her to remember me. So of course I said yes. Looking forward to more work.