Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sales Incentive

There are many products that are designed to sell and capture our attention. None are better than those displays that you see in the check out aisles. The person who invented point of purchase displays has to be a billionaire by now. I mean other displays work, but the ones at the register are perfect, you are a captive audience. Of course, what is on the display counts too. It can't be something mundane that you actually NEED. No, it has to be something you WANT. The more "sinful" the better too. Chocolate, gossip, munchies, or things of that nature do the best at those places. Sodas and other drinks are good as well. Some little things that are somewhat "mundane" but not something you always think of like batteries, novelties, and things like that do pretty well, and items used for the "sinful" items like lighters are a good bet. It's hard to pass up the point of purchase display areas without grabbing something, and usually it is not something you had on any list, would pick up in a regular aisle, and sometimes they are things that the moment you leave the store you wonder why you picked it up... but they're yours now.

Water, Water Everywhere

But no one is drinking it. At least not me. I convinced myself that coffee was mostly water, and since I used fat free cream substitute and no calorie sweetener it was fine. Nothing replaces water though. It is the only substance that truly hydrates without giving the body something to work on getting rid of (sugar, caffeine, additives, coloring, etc.) I got myself back in the habit of drinking 8 cups of water a day and had a really good weight loss week last week. I ordered a recumbent bike too. It isn't here yet, though. I have a sit up bike but I developed sciatica last year and I think it was a lot to do with that so I'm hoping the recumbent bike with it's 'real' seat will make things better.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Employment in the 21st Century

I was driving home from town yesterday and thinking about all the jobs I've had just in the time I've lived down here. I've done all kinds of things, even plastic injection molding. I was an assistant manager of a gas station, something I'd done up north too, and I worked in several offices, also something I've done before. However, I wonder how it would be now if I had to find employment. So many of the ways to get a job, especially office work are different now. Most of the companies list online and probably the best way to do a job search is to turn on the computer instead of the automobile. Even cashier or clerical jobs are easier to find online now. In the past you could walk in off the street and fill out an application, but most of the companies no longer have paper applications, but instead direct you to a website to fill out an online application. The employment world has changed dramatically in the past 10 years I can't imagine going back to that. At least, if I do have to at some point, I'll be connected enough to do a job search online.

The Change a Day Makes

Yesterday I woke up quite ready to just give up. The day before I had binged on ice cream and cake, and the scale let me know it was not okay to do so in the morning. Losing weight seemed impossible. Over the last year I've tried various pills, plans, and my own concocted designs and nothing worked. Then I remembered the diet plan that started me on such a positive road two years ago. I wasn't sure it would work again. Those times were different hormonally, and I still smoked, two things I was blaming on my current woes, but it was worth a try. So I went in my office and dug through the drawers for the pamphlet I got with my Total Gym and found the information. I started it yesterday and sure enough it had a great effect. This morning I was a few pounds lighter, and feeling much more positive. I remembered back then thinking it was so much food I don't know how anyone can be hungry dieting like this, and it's true, it's the same now. It worked great back then, and I hope it continues to work great now. If it does, I can be back to where I was a year ago by the end of summer.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Acne Go Away

Most people think of the face when they think of acne. However, those who suffer most from serious cases of acne know that's only one of the places it occurs. My son had serious problems with acne on his upper back and shoulders. Some have neck acne, and others have combinations of all areas affected. The treatments for one are usually the same as treatments for others, but some areas like the back and shoulders have a few other types of treatments for less sensitive skin. Neck acne is tricky and your dermatologist will help you figure out the best course of action. Don't ignore the problem. It won't always go away by itself, and if you try to let it take care of itself it can leave scars.

Spring is Here

I spent all winter "cruising" the Illinois River via Google Maps. I have gone over every inch of it several times over. Now, I know the images are delayed, and not current, but suddenly, today I went and looked at it for the first time in a few weeks because I've been busy actually working on the boat lately, and there is a lot of movement on there! New boats moving on the river. Spring has sprung, although it's VERY early in the season. Personally I wouldn't chance launching until mid-April, and this year we're not going to until early May, still, seeing those many, many pleasure boats, as well as a lot of extra barge activity on the river makes me feel good. Spring is here. Spring is here. Hallelujah, spring is here.

Some Things Never Change

There are some things that never change, especially when it comes to marketing. For anyone with a book to sell, or any writing business, getting your name out there is vital. The first thing to remember is that it is YOUR name that you need to get out, not a single book, title, or in the case of non-writing sales, product. Products, titles, and books come and go, your entire career is not centered (hopefully) around one product, writing, or book. You need to have a following that links your name (or your company name) to their thoughts so that when they want something, a book, or information, or a product related to your company, they think of you. In today's world, that means they're going to likely be looking online. And in online marketing search engines are still king. You need to get your name, your brand, in position on those engines. Often the best way is to use a directory submission. There are other ways to do it, but they take longer, and are more labor intensive. If you're busy doing your job, you don't have time to spend with repetitive and labor intensive methods. You need to get it done and be on your way. However, you do it, be sure you get it done, though, or it is very hard to sell anything online.

Splash Down

Pretty soon this is going to be me and Bob. I put the name and registration numbers on the boat this week, and painted the outdrive... almost ready for splash down in the Illinois River.

Increased Performance

There are many kinds of health supplement that, along with diet aids help round out our health. Many of these center around physical muscle development. One of those types of supplements are hgh supplements. Most of that type of supplement are taken by men who want to bulk up, or grow bigger muscles, and even grow taller. There are other reasons to take hgh, which stands for human growth hormone. They can increase performance in sports. Another name for them is steroids. They are only one type of steroid, and great care should always be taken before adding such a supplement to your diet. Consult your doctor before you begin an hgh protocol, and always follow the directions on the medication when it comes to how to take it, how much to take, and how long to continue the drug. If taken wisely hgh supplements help increase stamina and strength for better performance of daily tasks as well as sports abilities.


I'm watching the movie with Sean Penn: Milk. It is a historical docu/drama. I am not homosexual, but I really feel for the character's and the plight of gays in the early 70's, even in San Fransisco. Watching this, a time I was still too young to actually understand back then, makes me realize how far we have come. Yes it is still tough for gays, but it is far better than it was then. What I really hope, is that in another 40 years, we can watch a documentary/drama/movie about these years and think about how far we've come in all forms of discrimination against each other. We have so much further to go.

Weight Loss

I'm not sure there really is such a thing as quick weight loss anymore when you get to my age. All the magic pills that used to help when I did want it don't seem to help now. However, it's not the pills that have changed. They still work. My body doesn't anymore. I have yet to try a couple of the really new finds such as Acai, or Moyberry. I do like the Jillian Michael's products, and love watching her on TV. I think, if I keep searching I will find the method that works for me now at this stage of life. I just hope that when I finally get it figured out, nature doesn't change the rules... again.

Changing The Rules

It really isn't fair. After almost 50 years it shouldn't be possible for the rules to change. Not when it is in regards to your own body. They do though. At least, they do for women. I feel like I no longer know my own body. Things that used to be, are not anymore when it comes to metabolism, energy, abilities. I still force myself to do things, but my body protests to the point of extreme pain. Then, I think I'm being great, and working out hard doing things, and I still either do not lose the pounds I want to, or actually end up gaining. A lifetime of learning how to deal with your body should be enough, but it isn't, because right when you do think you have at least that under control... the rules change.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cruising Down South

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a new boat that I am just aching to get wet. It's coming fast too. In a few weeks we'll be on the water every weekend. I've started to think about where we might be able to go on vacation with it. Although it is a big cruiser, it is still trailerable. I made sure to get a boat that was within the limits. It just makes it. Any wider and we would have to get permits to trailer it anywhere. Some of the areas we are thinking about are down around Lake of the Ozarks because we have family down in that area. Our boat is a little small for that lake on busy weekends when the big "go-fast" boats are there, but it is just big enough to manage with a little effort, and during the week it would be great. If we went down there we would definately be researching the best Branson vacation packages to take advantage of all there is to offer in such an exciting place. I wouldn't want to impose on family anyway, and staying at our own hotel is a little better than staying on the boat all the time.

It Galls Me

Galls are swollen areas on trees, usually the leaf, caused by insects. The most common insect culprit is the aphid. These little pests are annoying. They do not do permanent damage, or kill the trees they attack. However, the effects of galls are unsightly and sometimes disfiguring. Galls cause bent limbs, leaf disintegration, and stem dieback. Getting rid of galls requires an attack on the cause of the problem: aphids.

Complex Organisms

Galls usually host more than one insect invader. They also house bacteria and mites. Inside each gall a unique ecosystem develops with communities of pests in hiding. Getting rid of galls requires consideration to all types of problem pests.

Galls Stay Put

Once a tree has a gall it stays put. There is no way to get rid of a gall. Therefore, the best method of curing galls is preventing them.


Insecticides and miticides designed to kill on contact are best for aphids and other gall creating insects. Aphids hang out on the undersides of leaves and getting spray on insecticides to that area is difficult.

Early Prevention

Spray soil at the base of the tree with insecticide in early winter. Aphids hibernate in the dead leaf mounds around the base of trees. Spraying the area with insecticides shows good results in keeping aphids at bay in the summer months. Repeat the application in early spring right before buds appear for extra protection.

Insects to Fight Insects

Lacewings and ladybugs are great predatory insects that destroy aphid populations. Introduce them to your yard, or garden in early spring and they will feed off the young aphids.

Insecticide Application

Always follow the directions on the label of insecticide products. Impatience and desire to get rid of galls can tempt you to apply more than the product allows. It is illegal to use pesticides in a way that contradicts the instructions on its label.

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jobs Online

Times are really difficult now for many people. I know several people who haven't been able to find jobs for months, even more than a year in a couple cases. Even with the advantages of the Internet where you can do a lot more job searching online than before it is hard. The economy is so tight that what jobs there are get grabbed fast. If you are willing to relocate the Internet offers a much wider option. For instance if you know you could easily move to New York you can do a New York job search right online and get a job before making the move. In the old days you had to strike out and pray you could find a job when you got there. Times may be tough, but the Internet does make things a lot easier.

Game Burn Out

I didn't think it would happen, but I am finally experiencing game burnout. I have been addicted to several of the games on Facebook. While even up to now it came in shifts, I'd like one game, then another, then the original one, then both of them, didn't have time to play much, played all the time, didn't play much, played a lot of one but not the other... etc, now I'm getting bored with them altogether. Considering I've only been playing them for about a year now, it makes me wonder if I would feel the same about video games. I'd been thinking about getting a wii, but would it be worth the expense? I suppose with so many more games to choose from I could keep myself interested with constant changes. It's a lot of money to take a chance on not using after a year or so.

Ceilings are Important

I only have one ceiling fan in this house. All of the ceilings are relatively low so it is inconvenient for fans. I really like them though. I need a new one in the dining area where the current one exists. It is lovely, but very "70s." I need a more modern ceiling fan in there to bring it up to date. In my old house every bedroom had a ceiling fan. If I move again I will know better than to not pay attention to ceiling height. None of the people in my family are especially huge, so as long as the ceilings and doorways were more than six feet tall it was fine... I thought. I didn't give a single consideration to fans, and I really miss having them in the bedroom. Especially on a warm night.

Season Finale Burnt Up

Burn Notice provided the typical killer season finale I have come to expect from them. Marvelously played and I cannot WAIT to see what happens and why Michael ended up where he did. You were led to believe one thing and, of course, find out the situation is not at all what you thought it was. Everyone he loves is in the dark as to where he is and what is happening with him. Even he is. All of the season and half-season finales have been terrific but I really think this one tops them all.