Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cruising Down South

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a new boat that I am just aching to get wet. It's coming fast too. In a few weeks we'll be on the water every weekend. I've started to think about where we might be able to go on vacation with it. Although it is a big cruiser, it is still trailerable. I made sure to get a boat that was within the limits. It just makes it. Any wider and we would have to get permits to trailer it anywhere. Some of the areas we are thinking about are down around Lake of the Ozarks because we have family down in that area. Our boat is a little small for that lake on busy weekends when the big "go-fast" boats are there, but it is just big enough to manage with a little effort, and during the week it would be great. If we went down there we would definately be researching the best Branson vacation packages to take advantage of all there is to offer in such an exciting place. I wouldn't want to impose on family anyway, and staying at our own hotel is a little better than staying on the boat all the time.