Friday, March 19, 2010

Employment in the 21st Century

I was driving home from town yesterday and thinking about all the jobs I've had just in the time I've lived down here. I've done all kinds of things, even plastic injection molding. I was an assistant manager of a gas station, something I'd done up north too, and I worked in several offices, also something I've done before. However, I wonder how it would be now if I had to find employment. So many of the ways to get a job, especially office work are different now. Most of the companies list online and probably the best way to do a job search is to turn on the computer instead of the automobile. Even cashier or clerical jobs are easier to find online now. In the past you could walk in off the street and fill out an application, but most of the companies no longer have paper applications, but instead direct you to a website to fill out an online application. The employment world has changed dramatically in the past 10 years I can't imagine going back to that. At least, if I do have to at some point, I'll be connected enough to do a job search online.