Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sales Incentive

There are many products that are designed to sell and capture our attention. None are better than those displays that you see in the check out aisles. The person who invented point of purchase displays has to be a billionaire by now. I mean other displays work, but the ones at the register are perfect, you are a captive audience. Of course, what is on the display counts too. It can't be something mundane that you actually NEED. No, it has to be something you WANT. The more "sinful" the better too. Chocolate, gossip, munchies, or things of that nature do the best at those places. Sodas and other drinks are good as well. Some little things that are somewhat "mundane" but not something you always think of like batteries, novelties, and things like that do pretty well, and items used for the "sinful" items like lighters are a good bet. It's hard to pass up the point of purchase display areas without grabbing something, and usually it is not something you had on any list, would pick up in a regular aisle, and sometimes they are things that the moment you leave the store you wonder why you picked it up... but they're yours now.