Friday, March 19, 2010

The Change a Day Makes

Yesterday I woke up quite ready to just give up. The day before I had binged on ice cream and cake, and the scale let me know it was not okay to do so in the morning. Losing weight seemed impossible. Over the last year I've tried various pills, plans, and my own concocted designs and nothing worked. Then I remembered the diet plan that started me on such a positive road two years ago. I wasn't sure it would work again. Those times were different hormonally, and I still smoked, two things I was blaming on my current woes, but it was worth a try. So I went in my office and dug through the drawers for the pamphlet I got with my Total Gym and found the information. I started it yesterday and sure enough it had a great effect. This morning I was a few pounds lighter, and feeling much more positive. I remembered back then thinking it was so much food I don't know how anyone can be hungry dieting like this, and it's true, it's the same now. It worked great back then, and I hope it continues to work great now. If it does, I can be back to where I was a year ago by the end of summer.