Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Learning on the Move

I have a plan for my new backyard when I move--yeah, I'm moving, I already know where, just not precisely when. I want to get a nice patio built up and put a jacuzzi on it. That's right, I want to live the good life, and sit back in my hot tub in the evening after a long day of typing and dealing with clients, and just luxuriate. There are so many different styles of hot tubs though, it's hard to choose one. Each one needs a good protective cover. I know a lot about pools, and pool covers from my past experience with our own at this house, but I'm not to clear on the best types of spa covers. Like anything new, there's a lot to learn, and it's best to get it right the first time, rather then spend a lot of time, and hassle with trial and error. So far, I'm drawn to the hard top style cover, but am not sure if they are difficult to remove and put on, if you use them every time, or just cover them for winter like you do a pool. I kind of think spa covers need to be used whenever the spa isn't in use, which means ease of putting it on, and taking it off are vital. Especially for me, who lacks a lot of strength and has shoulder problems.