Thursday, February 04, 2010

Catching A Ride

I'm really looking forward to the summer months this year because I bought a new boat! That's the exciting part. The boring part is I will still have to work even when we go out for long weekends on the water. Thankfully the cell phone signal I get also comes with an internet USB port. The further we get from shore though, will make it more difficult to catch a signal. I'm looking at getting a signal booster so that I can find a signal no matter where we are on the big lake. Our dock is on Lake Michigan, and land can be a long way away at times on that lake. Having a booster will mean the difference between a clear signal on the water and having to make our way back to harbor every night. It will also help during those times we are docked at a transient marina on an excursion that does not have Wifi. Our regular marina does, but not all of them do. Having a cell phone booster will help catch a signal from further inland when that is the case.

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