Thursday, July 21, 2011

Complete Support for Ankles

I have weak ankles. I have always had weak ankles ever since I was a kid. The problem is I love sports and physical activities so in order to protect my ankles and not end up with sprains every time I turn around, I have to wear a support. My husband has to wear a wrist support whenever we go to the health club. We're a pair I guess. I need a good support like the procare ankle support. It's not like a simple elastic bandage you can find in most pharmacy departments. It has strong, support and a Velcro bands to keep it secure and fit you perfectly. There is a band at the top, just below the calf and one over the foot, and another figure 8 style band to completely secure the ankle. I wish they'd had ankle supports like these when I was younger. I wouldn't have had to suffer sprains so often.