Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loss Insured

If I'd known there was such a thing as laptop insurance back when I got this computer I would have definitely made use of it. From now on I'm going to insure my computers. After having some of the troubles I've had these last two days it would have been a good idea just in general, but something happened over the weekend that really got me thinking. I left Bob take my computer up to the car along with the luggage from the boat and waited down on the docks while he and Bobby went over to the restaurant for a bit. I got tired of waiting for them to come back so went up to the car to drive over to where they were to pick them up and the trunk was wide open. Anyone could have walked off with anything in it, including my computer. Luckily it is a nice place and no one bothered anything in there, but what if...

It really made me think. Of course he didn't leave the trunk open on purpose. He thought he'd closed it. It wouldn't have mattered if the computer was gone. Insurance would have made that a lot less painful even though I'd have lost all my pictures and files.