Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ready For The Holidays With

I am very excited. We bought a new tractor a few days ago and it will be delivered in a few days. What is exciting is that along with the new tractor that has a backhoe, and front loader, it also has a three foot wide reverse action rototiller attachment! I can drive my rototiller. For the first time I can really plow up a huge plot for next spring.

That excites me no end and flowers and vegetables are going to be in the house next year! However, for the winter I will have to get my flowers from like always. Flower delivery isn't just for my own personal use, although that is important to me in the dreary winter months, it is for gifts too.

Using the great online ordering and delivery service lets me give gift baskets of all types for holidays, and special days. With the big holiday season coming I have my dialing finger ready.

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