Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keeping Time

I have gotten away with not wearing a watch for a long time. I don't go out too much, and when I do I usually rely on my car clock, my cell phone or a clock at the location I'm at to tell me what time it is. The problem is that I don't pay much attention to my cell phone when I'm at home, and I don't have many clocks in my new house. At least not yet. I did put a pretty little shell and fish clock in my bathroom, but hey, how often do you need to know what time it is in there? I bought one for the bedroom... vital because I never take my phone with me in there, and I rarely watch TV in the bedroom even though it's there, or want to wear a watch in bed. The only place in the kitchen for a clock would be inconvenient, so I think I'm going to look at some of the pretty michael kors watches and go back to wearing one. It really will make it easier even when out. My new cell phone is a bit of a pain to "unlock" every time I just want to see what time it is, and I won't have to dig it out of my purse to find out either. Most of all, I'll be able to keep better track of my time at home.