Friday, August 26, 2011

Real Ways to Get Rid of Acne

The temptation to achieve acne free skin creates desperation in many young adults, and older ones too. Watch out for programs that capitalize on the emotional need to get rid of acne quick.

• Fad diets or fast schemes are unlikely solutions to acne free skin.
• Candida buildup and toxins are a contribution to acne, but extreme solutions can unbalance the system dangerously and are bad method for acne free skin.
• Finding the right acne treatment product and combining it with good hygiene and lifestyle choices are the best way to become acne free.
• There are items in your house that you can use as a quick solution when you can’t get to the store for acne cream.
• Another way to achieve acne free skin is to try holistic acne free treatments.

There are many in the general public that fall for the grand promises and hope for the reality of a miracle cure.

Severe dietary restrictions such as those suggested by fad programs are not effective for treating acne on a long-term basis, and won’t even live up to the title promise. While this type of cleansing can help your overall health and be a part of an acne free treatment plan, they should not be considered a complete solution.

How to Truly Become Acne Free

Choose a high-quality medicated skin cream. Organic ingredients like tea tree oil actually have much the same benefits as harsher chemicals like benzoyl peroxide.
Along with a good medicated cream it is important to keep your skin free of oils and dirt. Wash several times a day, but don’t be fooled into thinking that getting rid of surface problems means scrubbing or using harsh cleansers. Scrubbing your skin is only going to irritate it further, and make the inflammation of acne pimples and pustules worse. Use gentle methods to clean your face and any area where you have acne at least twice a day (more often if you work at a hot, dirty job, or weather creates excess sweat).

Common Household Solutions for Acne Free Skin

Did you know that something as innocent and easily found in the home as toothpaste can be an emergency substitution for creams? A dab of toothpaste (not a gel) placed on your pimples can dry out the oils on the surface of the skin and help promote acne free skin. One drawback to using toothpaste is that it can discolor the area if left on too long, so only use it during the day when you can wash it off after about a half hour.

Diaper rash cream is another quick acne treatment you can find around the house if you have a last minute breakout. Using Calamine lotion can help stop the itching that often accompanies acne breakouts. Itching will only make the problem worse.

Holistic Acne Free Skin Treatment

A quick look around the house will likely turn up many of the items you can use to take a holistic approach to acne free skin. For instance, vinegar applied with a cotton ball to pimples will dry them out and help you on your way to acne free skin. Using a salt water rinse a couple times a day is a great addition to an acne free skin program. It reduces oil, and is anti-bacterial.

An egg white mask will pull out excess oils from your skin, and a honey mask gives you a natural anti-bacterial skin conditioner that will leave your face soft and smooth.

These are just a few of the ways you can work toward a healthy way of combating acne, and get acne free skin, but it won’t happen overnight, or in 3 days. Real acne skin treatment takes time, and it may even be months before you find yourself blemish free. Even then, you should continue maintenance steps to ensure your skin remains acne free. Keep up with multiple daily cleansing, and maintain healthy eating habits, exercise, and avoid things that create acne promoting environments.