Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maintaining the Status Quo

I've always said that freelancing was a feast or famine business, but I think I just figured out the secret to consistency--me. How much work I have depends on how "hungry" I am. When I want to work, and really seek more work, I get it--usually in spades. When I am satisfied with the status quo, I just let my regular clients supply me with just enough work to survive. Now, I am at the point where I can do that, and still make enough to pay my normal bills and have a little fun. There was a time when I was starting out, that when I got complacent, I went broke. That's when I thought that it was the business. Experience has shown me different, but I have to admit that it took this long for the light to turn on, and for me to realize what was creating the flux and flow.

It will be nice, though, if eventually I can sit back and let my regulars supply me and the flow will be so high that I don't ever have to solicit new clients. I never thought the point I'm at now would come, where even when I am not actively looking for work it would be there in at least enough quantity that I don't starve or go bankrupt. So maybe it will eventually be to the point where freelancing is no longer feast or famine even when I get a little lazy.