Saturday, June 04, 2011

Wild, Wild Week

This has been a wild week. First, Bobby moved down here, and helped with the moving in, and then we lost our wifi connection due to a problem on the server side, and when they said it was resolved, it wasn't, and they were no help. Goodbye VirginMobile wifi, you officially suck. Then, I ordered Comcast which would take until today to install... so I was without internet for days, putting me far behind in my work. Then Bob came home from the hospital, nice to have him back home! Today finally got connected. Let me say that Comcast, so far anyway... ROCKS. It's only the medium package, there were two lower speed packages, and two higher speed ones, but I got the best I could afford right now, and it is still lightening fast compared to the old wireless connection I used to have. The downside is, my good laptop is refusing to work with the new modem. The smaller laptop (I'm on now) works great with it. Bob's good laptop works fine with it... but, at least I'm on.