Saturday, February 05, 2011

DVR Heaven

I don't know what I did before I got a DVR two years ago. I vaguely remember messing with tapes, trying to remember to set the VHS recorder, or rushing to push the button and capture a coveted show just in time. With the DVR I can just select series, and it automatically records the show even if it switches days and times. I still usually watch my favorite shows when they're actually on, but sometimes I just half watch them while I do other things, because I can always go back and watch them over and over. The DVR was a real life-saver this week. We had the blizzard of the decade, and got buried in 2 feet of snow.
As a result, I lost satelitte signal, and missed one of my regular series. It often replays in the middle of the night on a different day, but I wasn't sure when. The DVR did, and still recorded it since it didn't get it the first time around. Hooray!