Friday, February 11, 2011

Space in Space

I feel like such a dinosaur sometimes. I began this blog so many years ago, and so many of the bloggers I knew back then are gone, their blogs abandoned. Sure, new blogs pop up, but one wonders how many blogs can exist in the ether, before it can't hold anymore? It's sort of an abstract concept. Is there an end to the internet? An article I read recently suggests it is already "sold out" and a new way of constructing URLS is being put in place to broaden the expanse. I'm not sure I like the idea, because it sort of makes use of an "area code" type deal the way phones did when they ran out of phone numbers. I guess, it's only a matter of time. Everyone has websites, and often buy several URLS over the course of a few years. I know I have, and most of the people I know have. Whether those URLS are "dead" or kept up isn't even the issue. Certainly those that are abandoned and not paid for get put back in play, but that's not enough to keep up with the demand. All this has hapened in the space of one or two decades. One has to wonder how many more websites, blogs, forums and the rest there will be in another ten years.