Sunday, September 23, 2012

Script Ready for "Do Over" Now On to Fun Things

Getting really excited. The script is finished for what is now called "Do Over" (was originally Wishful Thinking). I have the copy. I have to go to Kinkos and make some additional copies so I can create the shooting script. I hope to start principle photography by Oct 1st. Possibly even earlier. I have almost everything I need, and a few additional supplies ordered and hopefully arriving this week. One of the things I ordered I would like to have in time for shooting, but don't think I will. It's a mini-flexible tripod. Would be really handy for low or tight shots, but it is coming from Japan and just shipped a few days ago (Thursday I think it was). So not likely that I'll have it for the first shooting days outside. May have it in time for the greenscreening that I'll do later after all of the outdoor work is done. I need to get the outdoor work done before the weather turns bad.