Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach Music

While out on the water a few weeks ago we past by a spot where you could hear a live band playing from the shoreline restaurant bar and grill. It was quite an experience. Although the band was performing on an outside patio we could hear them as if we were sitting right beside them. It was the music that attracted us to the spot, and I'm glad it did because it's a really cool place with a beach to park on and jump out to grab a bite to eat or a cool drink, then listen to the music on the water. They must have had some serious amps to be heard so clearly. I don't know where that band gets its gear, but it must have had some really powerful stuff like the We even cruised by there this last weekend hoping to catch some tunes and maybe grab a bite to eat while on the water, but it was a rainy and gray, so maybe they decided not to have a live band. Hopefully next weekend, when it is supposed to be bright and shiny they'll be out again. This time we'll definately beach and enjoy the experience.