Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Favorite Instruments

I've mentioned more than a few times that I played guitar as a teen. It was my main instrument, but it wasn't the only one. I also played flute in junior and senior high school band. I had wanted to play saxaphone, that just seemed like such a sexy instrument, but there were no seats for sax so I had to settle for the flute. Well, settling wasn't an issue once I learned how wonderful the delicious sounds of the flute were. I still enjoy listening to the flute.

Perhaps I should get Alexis to try the flute when she starts junior high next year. As a band instrument it is one of my favorites.
We could take a look at some of the opportunities to buy yamaha flute accessories and get her set up, maybe even get her a starter flute to begin learning on before school starts next year. I also played piano. That's how I met my husband, but of all the instruments I've played, in order it would be guitar, flute and then piano and organ as favorites.