Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tough Six Months

I am writing so slow today. In fact, many days I find myself dragging. The last six months of this year have been challenging for a number of reasons, and because of that I have given myself a lot of leeway. I have to stop that, though. I fear it has become a habit and it's hurting me financially. I could continue to give myself excuses, but it is very hard to tell where the reality of depression and stress end and the reality of lazy excuses begin. What I do know is that I never had to push myself like this before. I enjoy my work as a rule. So maybe I am still suffering the tail end of the repercussions. The fact that I am pulling out of it makes it harder to tell if my lethargy is real or excused laziness. I'm praying that the current feelings lift magically at some point and I can return to my old aggressive self.

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