Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wedding Memories

In the process of doing a little reorganizing and decorating I came across my wedding album. Even after 30 years of marriage, seeing those pictures brings such warmth and joy. It was a great day, even if I don't remember half of it either because I was a little tipsey by the end of the night, or because it was such a worldwind it's hard to remember all of the little things. I think that's probably true for any bride. I was lucky enough to have a great professional photographer in the family, but if you're planning a wedding and don't have a family member who is a professional photographer, that is one area you shouldn't skimp on. Those memories last forever. Thankfully the internet makes it much easier to find just the right person anywhere you need them. For instance, if you're in raleigh, you just look up wedding photographer raleigh in the search engine and you have all of the professional photographers you need to make the best choice for you. Remember to talk to as many individuals as you need to in order to make the choice you feel most comfortable with, and gives you the price you can afford.