Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Closer and Closer

The time to make a final decision about what to do regarding a final home purchase is drawing nearer. As it gets closer I get more nervous about the decision on what to do. My husband is showing signs of wanting to leave the state altogether. That is not a really bad idea, but I dread a big move like that. In order to do that we'd have to find a reliable long distance moving company. It is one thing to move a few miles, even a few hundred miles with all of your belongings. In fact, we'd been thinking of buying a new home first and moving things slowly. That is a great idea if you are only moving a few miles. One city to the other. Even just across state lines depending on which state you're talking about. A move to Wisconsin (Lake Geneva was in the running for a choice and still is) wouldn't be too bad. We could move slowly ourselves. Even use the horse trailer for some of the big items. A big, really long-distance move makes that appealing idea of moving slowly over time more difficult. To move that far away we'd have to hire a mover with a semi-sized truck and just move it all at once, and not look back. That's the hard part. We were rushed, years ago, when we moved out here do to closing dates of our former home and closing dates of our current home being all messed up. That sting has never left the backs of our minds. We ended up leaving a lot of things, maybe not important things, but things we wanted behind because of the rush. Moving far away increases the chances of that happening again. I've come to the conclusion that at least if we can buy a new place first before selling this one we can take our time getting it all together for a mover. Maybe having someone else actually load it and unload it all would be nice after all.

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