Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sak Narwal and the Harmonica

Sak Narwal is proof that you are never too old to develop a new passion. Life shouldn't be about limits. Sak Narwal started playing the harmonica as an adult on a business trip. He was in Germany and while looking for some entertainment found a harmonica competition. He has been devoted to learning the amazingly versitile little musical instrument.

What better instrument is there for a busy person on the go? One that can be carried in a shirt pocket or briefcase and practiced anywhere with little fuss, no electricity needed. Sak Narwal quickly fell in love, gathered as much information as he could muster and many recordings of great jazz and R&B harmonica players. He took lessons and within a week was playing tunes. That's how life should be. Learning new things is a never-ending endeavor and there is always room to expand an artful outlook on the beauty of music.

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Tony Eyers said...

Many people discover the harmonica in later years. The things which confounds most adult learners is not a lack of ability, but a lack of practice time. The harmonica fits in a poket, so you can practice anywhere.

I have a harmonica teaching site, many of the members are older folk, learning an instrument for the first time and loving it. The site is called Harmonica Academy, it's easy enough to find