Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Twit Spam

I don't know if anyone else has realized it but Twitter is becoming the new "spam" market ploy. Oh yeah there are still millions of legitimate users but I found out yesterday just how many spammers use Twitter. For months my account had been pretty inactive. I was ill, I was busy with other things, I was just not concerned with Twitting. Yesterday, just for a giggle I went back and posted that I was sorry I'd been gone. I deleted people I was following who were no longer following me, I added a few others... in general I just re-activated my account that had been stagnant. Well, not even a minute after I started I began to get 'follows'. They were obvious blind follows. Accounts with no real personality behind them. That continued all day long. Spam attack. What makes them worse is that along with flooding your twit account with 'followers' they flood your email box too with Twitter notifications of being followed, and if you follow them back you have given them an open door to spam your direct mail Twitter box. Twitter is big. It is growing bigger. It needs to address this annoying problem.

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