Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love social marketing. Many writers use it as another method of advertising, or networking. I started out that way on Twitter, but although I moved a little bit away from Twitter where so much of it is one-line advertising, I don't use it that way at all. Even on Twitter you can still find some just plain everyday conversations. I prefer Facebook though. Somehow, even though Facebook was the origin of social network 'marketing' it didn't get littered or, should I say obliterated with it. You really only occasionally see people who are obviously only there to market a product or service. Most often it's just every day people. In some cases it's a mix of both, but that's okay and I don't mind that at all. Everyone does something, and its only natural that many of them have products or services they offer. It's even nice to hear about it, you never know what you'll find you need or like.