Thursday, April 08, 2010

Play Everything with Playstation 3

My son is the big game person in the family. I had a close friend who also had a fetish for video games. They both loved Playstation. The new playstation 3 will just thrill my son. It does everything from the games he loves to music, photos, and even the Internet. Having Internet connection to a game unit is important now because the games are so interactive. If you have WiFi you can play a game with someone across the country, or across the world, it's not just you and the game anymore. There are add-ons that are only available with an Internet connection too, extra features to games, music, etc. The Playstation 3 also plays Blu-Ray discs for the most high definition in movies. With the Playstation 3 you don't need any other entertainment system in the house. It is everything all rolled up into one package.