Thursday, September 16, 2010

Healthy Flax Benefits

The biggest flax seed benefits revolve around heart and cholesterol control. It's easy to incorporate flax seed into your diet, or if you prefer take a supplement each day. Flax seed is a grain, but it's low carb so it has little impact on your body's sugar levels or weight loss plans. What it will add to your healthy lifestyle is plenty of vitamin B and minerals like magnesium and manganese.

A little known fact of flax seed is that it contains ALA, the earlier form of omega 3 oil so touted for heart health and found in fish oils from Salmon and such. Eating fish is good for you, but there are limits to how much you should eat thanks to the pollution of the water sources they are found in, so adding flax seed to your diet helps boost the healthy oils you have in your eating plan.