Monday, October 25, 2010

Avoid the Headaches of SSDI Applications

Only a few people will ever know what a Medicare part D plan is. Most people are more familiar with straight Medicare Parts A and B. Prescription plans and other extras are also a regular part of the vocabulary of many seniors. However, if you have a disability and need SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicare Benefits you might find yourself in a big fight. The paperwork is a hassle, and a lot of people who truly deserve to get the benefits are turned down when they apply on their own. My sister-in-law has been disabled for twenty years, and receives benefits, but it was a big fight to get her the coverage she deserved. Even with doctor's records, and every reasonable request met, she was turned down several times until she got help. Don't mess around if you need, and deserve SSDI coverage. Find help from companies like Allsup who will file the paperwork for you. Their experience gives them a very high success rate. Over 98% of their applications are approved with no hassle, and you can avoid the pain and headaches of dealing with government agencies.