Friday, October 29, 2010

How Many 10s?

There are certain milestones in life that deserve recognition. Anniversaries are such milestones. Marriage is an institution that has undergone many renovations of convention over the centuries. Lately, it seems many find it somewhat disposable, so finding couples that have managed to find true love, and made it last, because it is work, is a refreshing scenario. This is true in real life and in our fiction that mirrors life pretty well. Read the fiction of an era to find out what they think about marriage, how they work it, and what the general atmosphere of the society morale is. For those, like myself, who have been married more than twenty years, it sometimes becomes something you take for granted, and that is not acceptable in any atmosphere. You should never take love and the longevity of a relationship for granted.

Whether you choose something romantic, or cute, 10th anniversary gifts let your partner know you aren't taking their commitment to your relationship for granted. It doesn't stop, or start for that matter, at ten, however. Start at one and keep on going... and there is no limit to how many 10s you celebrate. I'm moving in on 30 years, and the third 10 is as big a celebration as the first two.

I like to add humor with a anniversary gift. After all, anyone who has been married a long time knows it takes a good sense of humor to get through some of life's trials. Cute items like the anniversary toilet paper is a great way to give your lover a little lift.
Some people like to use the anniversary year gift suggestions. Some of those can be a little tough (or silly) like the 44th anniversary being the 'groceries' anniversary. Most, thankfully are much easier to buy for and still remain romantic. The 20th is china, and of course, the 50th is gold. You can buy your wedding anniversary gifts by year or just play it by ear and choose a gift based on personal likes and hobbies. Whatever you use to chose the right gift for your anniversary, never take it for granted.