Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lean Preparation

Because I work for myself, and I've always said that freelancing tends to be a "feast or famine" proposition, I am always looking for deals. You have to be a little frugal for those tight months. Luckily, the tight months have been fairly scarce the last few years in my business, but they do happen now and again. When you get hit with a 'short' month, and you have big bills, that can really hurt. I always look for things like cheap auto insurance, value items in grocery stores like 2 for 1s. However I can save a little, I feel good about. The biggest monthly bill I have at the moment is my car payment. Even that was a deal that I made sure was in an affordable range should times get lean. The few months that were a little light this year were still tough with that payment on the books, but I made it through.