Friday, December 03, 2010

Wrestling Life Into Submission

Sometimes I feel like a professional wrestler. In the past, I've thought of it as a juggler, holding up all aspects of life at one time, juggling them so that nothing falls, and everything keeps moving. However, as I get older, I'm less of a juggler than I am a wrestler. I have to literally fight to keep things steady, and on course. Just as things seem to settle down, and I can release my grip, something happens to throw the entire thing up in the air again, and I have to wrestle it back into submission. I should wear wrestling headgear as an everyday uniform. Just last Monday my daughter convinced my husband that she needed us to come down to where she lives and visit because she missed family so much... that visit turned into driving her back up here to visit other friends she hadn't seen for some time. Now she's talking about moving back up here, which will mean changing my schedule, driving down and helping her move with the kids, getting them all settled in, and helping her with the kids while she works until she arranges sitting. It's not that I don't love seeing the grandkids, I do, but being a work at home person makes it hard to explain to people, especially relatives, that I am not 'home' and available to run errands, go shopping, or do chores for them while they work at a 'real' job.