Thursday, December 30, 2010

Partner in Crime

Business has been so good this month, that I actually convinced my son to start working for me. I know he can do the work, because he worked for a content company with me several years ago. He got a little turned off by the experience, because the work was low-paying, and the owner of the company had to be chased for payment. It almost turned me off too. I'm glad it didn't completely, but my son was a little difficult to convince this time around. The difference was this time he'd be working for ME, and he knows how much I make at this. That, plus I don't "low-ball" for work, and I don't pay him a tenth of what I bid for either. I do take a small cut for being the one who brings in the work, and I always proof his copies, just in case, but he gets paid well, and he is actually happy about it. It's kind of fun having a partner in this, and it helps him out too.