Saturday, February 18, 2012

Personal Music Space

I love music. I listen to my MP3 player every night before bed, I wear a waterproof MP3 player at the pool when I swim several times a week, I play my music in the car, and when I am out shopping... Hi, my name is Tami and I'm a musicaholic. One thing I can assure you, is that with the exception of the pool MP3 player where it is necessary I NEVER use the itty bitty little ear buds that normally come with my music devices. I hate them. They are the most uncomfortable things in the world and the sound is usually muted by outside noises. In the car, I plug directly into the MP3 port so the music comes through the speakers, but at home, or when I'm walking, shopping or doing other errands, I need the best headphones to really enjoy the music.

I love padded, full ear headphones . They are far more comfortable than those little annoying buds, and they are also noise-cancelling, so you don't get all the interference from outside sounds. Listening to music on MP3s takes a lot of hits from professional musicians because of the quality, but I really believe that much of the quality is lost by choosing the wrong type of headphones. When you use a great set of headphones, the quality is equal to that of any stereo anywhere.