Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Excited Re-Start

I'm kind of excited. I decided to dig out my old non-fiction manuscript that was about 1/2 finished when I last worked on it. I've been so busy working for other people that I never felt much like writing for my own purposes. Now is the time to start again. Actually it was a fiction impulse that got me started on this again. Last night, right before bed, and after I turned the computer off, I had the budding idea for a novel hit me. Then I got a great idea for a first line hook that is one of the best I've ever written. As I lay in bed the plot began to unfold. It was kind of wild and will need to be tamed (maybe with a whip and chains), but it was exciting anyway. This morning I still remember the idea, and I had texted myself that wonderful opening line so I wouldn't forget it. I saved that and made some notes on my idea for later, but decided that before I went off on that, I really needed to get the non-fiction book finished. So I hooked up my external hard drive and dug it up from the cyber dust it was collecting. I've almost finished my "work" work for the day today, and I hope to get several pages in on the book too. I even put it on my schedule like I am my own client. Okay, so I won't get paid from myself. Hopefully eventually it will pay off.