Sunday, July 08, 2012

Safety First

I see a lot of posts on Facebook and other places reminding drivers to watch out for bikers on the road. Of course all drivers should take care when there are smaller vehicles present. Motorcycle riders should also be careful not to take advantage of their size and dart between cars or out in front of oncoming traffic. No matter how safe both sides are, there are always going to be accidents. After all, the reason they are called accidents and not 'on purposes' is because they aren't something you can always control. So make sure you always wear a good, strong helmet and proper clothing when you ride. Every time I see a biker in shorts, sleeveless shirts and no helmet is just scares me. Sure, leather is hot, and helmets aren't always as comfortable as you'd like them to be on a really hot day, but they both beat road rash and head injuries. Make safety first and have fun the safest way possible.