Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sakwinder Narwal is a Lesson in Passion

When you work for yourself, or own a company and have others working for you, it is tempting to forget to take a break and be yourself. You can actually lose who you are while finding success. Smart business people know that to be truly successful you have to be well-rounded and nurture ever aspect of your life. Sakwinder Narwal is inspiring in that he is a successful person who knows how to delve into every aspect of his life with great gusto.

Whether it is deep-sea fishing for shark, or playing the harmonica to competition level Sakwinder Narwal makes the most of everything he does. He puts every fiber of his being into doing what he loves as if it were the most important thing in his life. That makes him very good at what he does--big or little. Of course, when your passions involve fighting fish as fierce as redfish who can deliver a punch like a prizefighter and don't give up easy it's a good thing Sakwinder Narwal puts as much power into his passion as he does.

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