Friday, July 09, 2010

Getting Bigger

Batty is really getting accustomed to life in our home. We've had her three weeks, but it seems much longer only because I thought some things would take so much longer to learn. She is really good about bathroom habits, going out, although there have been a few errors, really they are very few. She sleeps well through the night with only one trip out about 2 am. (That, mind you, is two or three less trips to the bathroom than I make, she stays sleeping now when I get up). She is adjusting to the boat, although that is a little more difficult for her, mostly because of the heat. I do like that she is good about going in her 'pan' during the night. The funny thing is, that while she will go in her pan at night, she won't have any part of it during the day. That worries me a little for when it comes to our longer trips out on the water. When we beach it won't be an issue, but some times we go out for five or six hours where there is no land. She's going to have to accept the pan, or hold it those times.