Friday, July 02, 2010

Once More With Feeling

I was going to beg off going to the boat this weekend. It's going to be wild, a holiday weekend always brings out the crazies. My leg still hurts from a fall on the cement stairs I took last Monday night, and I still itch from the mosquito attack by the campfire last week. Why is it then, when Bob called and wanted to know if I was going to go, or if we were going to take two cars, or go all-together like usual, did I say I didn't know, probably just one car? It didn't help that he went and bought the second fan I'd been bugging him about getting, that will help with the extreme heat. I just don't know mainly if my knees can take it, and I am NOT going to the picnic area and getting eaten up again. I really hate to do it, but I may go ahead and decide to take two cars. That way if I just can't deal with it, I can come home.