Friday, July 02, 2010

Personal Life on TV

Tonight's show is Miami Medical. It's like all the other doctor, hospital, nurse shows, but has some unique differences that make it quite interesting. It deals only with severe trauma, not a typical emergency room situation where most patients come in with belly aches and broken bones, these are life threatening situations, disaster victims, and mystery cases. It's very enjoyable and the personal storylines help enhance the background without over powering it. I think that was the biggest problem with "Mercy" another hospital/nurse wanna be new show this year and why it didn't hang on. It's personal backstories overpowered the show itself. Perhaps the same trouble with "Trauma" an "Emergency" flashback that should have really done well, but got a little tangled up in personal dramas. I don't think we even knew if Gage and DeSoto (original Emergency series) had a personal life. LOL