Friday, July 02, 2010

Viva La Differance

Men and women are different creatures. The differences are vague in some instances, such as ability to learn, work, compete, and striking in others such as toiletries. Yes, toiletries. If you ever want to really see the difference between men and women go into a bathroom and compare the needs of each side. Women have hair products, and, well men have hair products too. Women have hair dye, and uh, okay men have hair dye too. Women use razors to shave their legs, men use them to shave their faces: there's a difference. Okay, not a big difference really. Women have birth control, and men have vigrx plus. Ah, well there's big one. For all their similarities, when they have a difference it's a whopper, but as the French say: viva la differance!