Friday, May 07, 2010

Getting the Right Bed Cushion

I went out and bought padding to make extra cushioning for my boat's bed too. We did (do) have an inflatable mattress that we used, and it works great except it does not conform to the shape of the boat's bow shaped bed. What happens is the inflated mattress bends in a hammock sort of style up at the top and makes you slide down. Several times a night I'd find myself half off the bottom of the bed with my feet on the floor. Since I couldn't figure a way to make the air mattress work (sadly) I decided to build up the existing cushioning. I got that done. We'll find out if it worked this weekend. I also ordered a mattress topper. It is the same shape as the air mattress, but I'm thinking more flexible. We'll see. If not I'll use it on my mattress at home.