Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keeping the Cabinet Full

I had to pack all of my medicines up and take them with on the boat. It got to be a pain carrying sinus medicine, allergy medicine, aspirin, itch lotion, and denture adhesive around all the time so I bought individual supplies for the boat so I can keep my home supplies here. I need to do that if I get weight loss supplements too. I am planning on getting something like nuphedragen to help with weight loss. I also have to get some sun screens. My son was all macho saying he didn't need any sun screen. I said, sure, say that now. We'll see what you say when they have to take big chunks of your skin off to prevent cancer from spreading to your lymph nodes and organs. This weekend was a prime example of how much sun there is out on the water, and how the water magnifies it. On the way home, we definitely picked up some sunburn relief.