Friday, May 07, 2010

In the Water Weather

It's really hard to get use to being so driven by the weather. We are new to boating so learning what weather to watch is a new experience for us. I had thought that rain was all we had to worry about, and at this time of the year that is bad enough, but it's not just rain it's wind too. Anything over 10 knots is too windy to easily get out and back in again. On the river it isn't too bad as far as waves are concerned, but docking is really hard in windy conditions. Last weekend we had a 5 day weekend. We only got out 2 days. This weekend we have 3 days, and it looks like only 1 will be good. I think a lot of that is the time of the year too. May is a cold, rainy, windy month. June, July, August, and September will be MUCH better. October is another month like May... you can keep the boat in, but there aren't going to be a lot of good weekends.