Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Smell Of The Ocean Air

Why does the sea have such a distinct smell? Somebody actually wanted to know that. According to Yahoo's home page this morning (sorry, but it's the first thing I see every day) marine biologists did a study to find out why the ocean smelled the way it does.

If you ask me they should have just asked any homeowner who has ever cooked fish (okay, that was just being silly, but)... better yet any person who owns a fish tank. What did the scientists find? Bacteria caused by the gases in the water (same as a fish tank) only because most fish owners have fresh water not salt water the smell is a bit different, if someone owned a salt-water tank the effect would be similar to an ocean breeze. Hum.... maybe it's time for a trip to the store.

Check out the link to the 'crazy fish' pictures they have though. Some of them are awesome, some are just plain hilarious.

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