Thursday, January 04, 2007

Good Friends

Trotting around the internet today on my round of favorite blogs that I must at least get a glimpse of once a day, I stopped and sat a spell at one of my author's blogs. Yes, mine... she's mine. She will always be mine even when she goes off to other publishers and branches out, which she already has some even though we still have a couple of things from her for this year to release. That's a good thing. Growing, expanding, spreading wings, and all... my author's are like my children and I love to see them grown and develope into all they can be. They're also good friends. People I enjoy chatting with and am happy to have come to know. Working from home can have its pitfalls. One of which is isolation. Meeting and learning about people like Cupnjava takes away the sting of loneliness. It is always fun to read her blog whether it's deep insights to how writers work, and see the world, or whimsical fancies about how writers can attempt to slip one by us editorial crones, she has a style and flair that is all her own.

Stop by and pay her a visit, and tell her not to be so hard on her poor old editor.

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