Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Politically Incorrect

Ban on smoking, ban on smoking... that's almost a political catch phrase anymore. It still amazes me. Having worked in convienience stores and gas station stores in the not too distant past I know that the number one seller in those stores is still cigarettes. How can such a large portion of the populace be such a minority? It's like we're societies pariah. I know smoking's not good for you, but there are tons of things that aren't good for you that people do on a constant basis, but what REALLY makes me laugh a bit is the ban on smoking in bars. Now if there were ever two things that went together it would have to be smoking and drinking in bars. The ban on smoking in bars doesn't really effect me at all. I smoke, but I don't drink and I never did care for bars, but that ban sure is effecting someone--the bar owners. There's a plea from bar owners to lift the ban on smoking for super bowl Sunday just so their establishments can actually make some money during that high time of the year. Personally I think the ban was silly to start with. I can understand restaurants. I smoke but I still don't like smelling smoke from other tables while I'm eating. I can understand office buildings. I remember back when I was younger working in an office with ten other secretaries--all of whom smoked. The room resembled a factory smoke stack most days--but a bar, that just doesn't make sense to me. It's not the healthiest place on the planet to begin with, if you're going to attack one evil, why not just bury the lot and close down bars altogether. You might not be far from it with the smoking ban anyway, just prolonging the death.

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