Monday, January 29, 2007


Blogging and SSP. They've gone hand in hand from the very dawn of blogdom. Well almost anyway. At the very start blogging wasn't much more than teenagers and housewives keeping a daily journal online where all their friends could read it and comment on it. Not a bad start, nothing wrong with that, but soon after and not slowly blogging became a manner of SSP that was equaled by none. What is SSP? For those that aren't up on the lingo it stands for 'Shameless Self Promotion'.

That's not a bad thing either. Soon blogs morphed into journals of the daily trials and tribluations of start-up bands, writers, and even the rich and famous in their daily endeavors in the arts and entertainment worlds. Blogs also became a place for businesses to tout their wares and services. It's rare to find a simple journal any longer. Even those out there that somewhat resemble the blogs of old are thinnly veiled SSP's. Every now and again you do stumble on an everyday diary type journal--and you have to wonder what they'll be promoting when they 'grow up'.

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Bernita said...

Anytime anyone talks publically about their thoughts,emotions, their activities, they are doing a form of self-promotion.
Maybe a distinction without much difference.